Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Woman has Daytime Sighting of Large Sasquatch

May of 2015, in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana

Home alone, W (wife) is standing outside on west end of home. There is a light rain.  She heard a high pitched, short duration “whoop” near the tree line 105 yards to her southwest. Between her and the tree line is a 1 - 2 ft high meadow.  She then heard a “very low pitched, deep, manly” whoop coming from what she felt was the same general location of the first whoop just seconds prior.

She looked up and saw a 7.5 - 8 ft tall Sasquatch stepping out from the tree line. It used both arms to push the trees/bushes aside in order to step out. As it stepped out W could see the thigh muscle flexing. It had dark brown hair, but it wasn’t fur-like.  It was “just hairy – you could see skin beneath the hair in many places”. The top of the head had shorter hair, but the back of the head had longer hair. Very muscular. No neck.

W went on to describe the encounter:  "As it stepped out fully in one stride, it immediately turned to its right and took 5 long steps, swinging its arms, before it turned right and stepped back into the forest".

She noted the oddest part of the whole event was that the Sasquatch never once looked up…not at her, the house, or the meadow. It purposely looked down the entire time. W felt as if to imply it was not a threat. As it took the 5 steps it would lean back as it brought it’s foot up, then lean forward into the step (when H went to the area to investigate it, he said the ground had sticker bushes 2 feet tall and 4ft across, which would account for the deliberate steps – he also added there was no way for him to make those same steps, it was too far of a stride with the sticker bushes in the way). It walked somewhat hunched over. Long arms, hands lower than knees. She described the shoulder width as being “massive”…2.5 times the width of her husband, who is 5’11”, and 205 pounds. When the Bigfoot was stepping back into the tree line, it had to duck slightly under a thick tree limb. (H later measured the limb to be 7.5’ above the ground). 

When H (husband) went to the area, he stayed on the phone with W who was able to guide him into the exact spot. H said he could not see 1 - 2 ft into the trees due to dense, tall underbrush. As he stepped into the tree line, however, he could see an area of trampled down grass and broken 4 ft long limbs that had been stacked. He said you could see where something had been pacing, and it looked like it had been going on for a long time. There were also limbs broken 8 - 9 ft above – some, H said, were greater than 6” in diameter. No prints, no hair was visible. The area inside the trees smelled like “wet dog”.

He said his house was visible from within this hidden area, and that was all he could imagine it was for. No discernible trail could be seen inside the tree line. He said the entire time he was inside the tree line he felt uneasy – he described it not as being scared or being hunted or anything, rather that this was something else area and he “didn’t belong there”.

He says there are lots of deer and hogs in the woods and swamp areas, as well as horses and cows. There are bears, but he’s been told they’ve all been given neck collars that are visible for tracking their movement. He says he and his wife are familiar with bears and that what W saw was not a bear.

Original Report from the BFRO

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