Thursday, May 5, 2016

Undebunking Bigfoot: Debunking Claimed Patterson-Gimlin Film Bigfoot Ho...

The Patterson-Gimlin film's authenticity is supported by a full Professor of anatomy and anthropology and expert on foot morphology along with locomotion in primates, Dr. Jeff Meldrum. In this video he takes on debunking arguments and explains why the 10 footprint casts collected at the site solidifies the case that the figure in the video is a real Bigfoot.

Furthermore, there is the film analysis of Bill Munns and National Geographic showing the subject's proportions do not match that of any known human. This is coupled with his experimental work trying to build A Bigfoot costume to match the look of the 1967 film, resulting in his co-authorship of a peer-reviewed paper with Meldrum showing that the film subject is consistent with real anatomy and not a Bigfoot suit. Munns studied film and worked for 35 years making monsters for films, museums, and wildlife exhibits, thus is also highly-qualified for the study have done. Their conclusions cannot be dismissed.

Click here to read this excellent post on how Bob Heironimus lied extensively trying to debunk the Patterson-Gimlin Film (for monetary gain and jealousy).

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