Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Science Behind Bigfoot and the Quachita Project Report

The Science behind Bigfoot

No matter what you call it, stories have been handed down for decades about the mysterious creature spotted in places all over the world.

"There were so many people from so many walks of life that were having these encounters. Many were not extraordinary encounters, just quick visuals of a large hairy thing walking around where it shouldn't have been," said Brian Brown.

Quick sightings turned into an easy passion for Brown and the dozens of others who make up the 'North American Wood Ape Conservancy. '

"I thought it was bogus. I thought it was all a big phony story that had been made up," said Daryl Colyer.  Colyer served in the United States Air Force and made a promise to his friends when he was out. "There's no way that this thing can be real -so some of my buddies and I were talking about it one time, we had some down time, I made a vow to them, my air force buddies that I was going to look into this for real," said Colyer. Colyer said he remained skeptical until he had his own sighting.

"Ahead of me- 40 50 yards I see this figure, that jumps across the trail. It's upright, it's jumping like a long jumper across the trail, it lands across on the opposite side of the trail. It hits the limb, makes the limb move, takes a little skip hop and disappears into the woods," said Colyer.

Alton Higgins was a wildlife biologist for more than 40 years. Collecting scat and researching animal species was his professional job for the state of Arizona.

"I can at least say that there's a biological basis behind the phenomenon. It's not hundreds of years and thousands of people that are having the same hallucination. There's something biological about the thing," said Higgins. "Some point, in science when people report things, hopefully someone at some point takes the initiative to look into it."

That's exactly what Higgins and 62 others did.

Over the course of 4 years, 12,000 hours of observation, the NAWAC published the 'Ouachita Project Monograph.'

The 229 page report details consistent unusual patterns, noises, and findings the NAWAC has found over the last four years.

To collect information, researchers spent most of the summer months camped out a week at a time in the Ouachita Mountains. Teams are typically 2-6 members and a different shift will come the next week.

One of the main findings in the report was 49 different sightings of 'Big Foot' or what they call the 'Wood Ape.'

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