Wednesday, January 27, 2016

BFRO Report : Daytime observation in Summersville, W. Virginia


On Nov. 24th 2015 I was hunting deer during hunting season back on the hill behind my house.  I am going"bonkers" for lack of a better word, trying to process what I saw that day.

I was walking up an old dirt road, the ground was wet, leaves etc. so I was very quiet. I reached an area where I was looking down into the forest , I raised up my binoculars because I, at that moment, was expecting to see a smaller black bear.

As I was looking at its back I noticed a very thin white hair line running down the middle of its
back...I thought that's a strange marking for a black bear.

I continued watching this "creature" for quite a few minutes...I wanted to see its face...slowly it turned its head and as if it were looking into my eyes through the binoculars. Its face was solid black of the blackest night, very shiny, looked almost like black leather stretched tight, its nose was very wide and had huge nostrils, it seemed to be hunkered down by an old fallen tree and it was in the sunshine that was beaming through parts the forest.

It had no hair on its face..everything was black ..its face looked human......

Link to the rest of the report:

BFRO Report 50469: Daytime observation through binoculars while hunting behind a home in Summersville

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