Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Ten Essentials of Bigfooting

Excellent article from one of my Favorite Bigfooters - Cliff Barackman from the Finding Bigfoot Team!


The Ten Essentials of Bigfooting

Back in the 1930’s, the newsletter of a group called the Mountaineers (www.mountaineers.org) suggested a list of ten items that outdoors enthusiasts should always have while with them while enjoying outdoors recreation activities. These items have since become known as the “Ten Essentials”, and most authorities on hiking, backpacking, and climbing strongly recommend these as a minimum standard of preparedness. Having these items has saved literally hundreds of lives, and not having these items has doomed many adventurers to an early demise. Although the list varies a little in accordance with the terrain, the Ten Essentials are usually listed as:

•    Map
•    Compass
•    Sunscreen and sunglasses
•    Extra food and water
•    Water purifier
•    Extra clothing
•    Headlamp/flashlight
•    First aid kit
•    Matches
•    Fire starter
•    Pocket knife/multi-tool

As mentioned, there are variations on this list, but these items are more or less agreed upon as a starting point for ensuring the highest probability of survival and safety. It is highly recommended to carry these items at all times while in the wild, even on the shortest of day hikes.

Click here to read all of Cliff's article, as he points out what a "modern day" Bigfooter should be carrying:


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