Friday, November 7, 2014

Finding Bigfoot is BACK!

Bobo just posted this and man am I ready for this season!

"We're getting ready to head back out in a few weeks. 1st stop the Amazon!!

We're going to do (10) 1 hour episodes and (2) 2 hour episodes.

We're mixing it up a little so if you're one of the many, including all of us on the show, who were sick of seeing the same exact formula week after week you'll be glad to know they're all not going to be the same.
I get a ton of mail asking "why do you always move locations, especially right when you find them?". 

It still drives me crazy but unfortunately we're 1st and foremost making a TV show. Which means we have a strict schedule and budget. We have to book flights, rental vehicles and lodging in advance plus have filming permits for particular days. So we have to stick to it whether we like it or not.

The new season starts this Sunday (11/9/14) at 9pm."

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