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2014 Honobia Bigfoot Conference Schedule

2014 Honobia Bigfoot Conference Schedule

2014 Honobi Bigfoot Conference
Kiamichi Mountains Christian Mission Campgrounds
Honobia, Oklahoma
October 3rd and 4th 2014
Conference Schedule
Friday October 3rd, 2014
9:00-9:15 AM Opening Remarks/Welcome Statement         Farlan Huff/Troy Hudson
9:30-10:40 AM Sasquatch Recordings/Sierra Sounds          Ron Morehead
10:50-12:00 PM Sasquatch Language Analysis                    R. Scott Nelson
12:00-1:00 PM Lunch
1:00-2:10 PM Sasquatch Footprints/Anatomy                      Dr. Jeff Meldrum
2:15-3:15 PM Bigfoot Field Research                                  Farlan Huff
3:30-4:30 PM Sasquatch Genome Project                            Troy Hudson
4:30 PM Closing Statements                                                 Conference Staff/Speakers
6:30-9:45 PM   Storytelling                                                   Conference Staff
Saturday October 4th, 2014
9:00-9:15 AM Opening Remarks/Welcome Statement                       Farlan Huff/Troy Hudson
9:30-10:40 AM Sasquatch Footprints/Anatomy                                 Dr. Jeff Meldrum
10:50 AM-12:00 PM Sasquatch Recordings/Sierra Sounds               Ron Morehead 
12:00-1:00 PM Lunch 
1:00-2:10PM Sasquatch Language Analysis                                      R. Scott Nelson 
2:15-3:15PM Sasquatch Genome Project*                                          Troy Hudson 
3:30-4:30PM Bigfoot Field Research                                                 Farlan Huff 
4:30 PM Closing Statements                                                              Conference Staff/Speakers 
6:30-9:30 PM Storytelling                                                                  Conference Staff 
7:00 PM  Mini-Expedition Winners Depart                                        Troy Hudson
Schedule set as of 07-11-2014
(Note: Times of speakers set on this schedule can change due to any unforeseen reason. Please keep that in mind) *(Also note that Prof. Marvin Leeper will be giving a presentation on Oklahoma Folklore, times TBD)

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  1. word has it that Clifford labrecque creater of the famous bigfoot model seen on ebay will attend the conference this year. a first for him anywhere.


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