Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Welcome to Bigfoot Oklahoma!  Are there Bigfoot in Oklahoma? Maybe, but this blog will not focus just on Oklahoma. It will focus on Bigfoot! I happen to live in Oklahoma, hence the name!

I started getting interested in Bigfoot watching the Finding Bigfoot Team on TV. I got hooked!  I love watching Matt, Bobo, Cliff and Ranea during their adventures all over the world. I love seeing Dr. Jeff Meldrum (from the University of Idaho) and his friends as they go over evidence and do their own searches. I am glued to videos of possible sightings trying to decide for myself if that really is a "sasquatch" hiding behind that tree! 

Have I personally ever seen a Bigfoot for myself? No.  Do I believe their existence is possible? Absolutely! 

I'll share what I find for now, and hopefully someday soon, I'll start going on my own Bigfoot hunting adventures.

Feel free to share your own stories and any new information you come across! Please, let's be respectful of each others stories and beliefs. Lets have fun, and maybe even learn a few things along the way!

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